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Transcription for business meetings

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Have you ever wondered how noises are made? Have you ever wanted to know how ourancestors communicated with each other before languages were born? How communication has developed and transformed in this modern era with its brand new software applications such as the androids, speech recognition and speech to text softwares?? I don’t know whether you are curious to know about all these things, but I was curious enough to make a small research about this topic.

Starting from the distinctive sounds that were generated by ancient man or the Neanderthals up to the multilingual communication of this generation, all that is important, is the medium. The three letter magic that makes everything communicable, reachable, and understandable is the "air." Man has been effectively using this media for all kinds of his communication and languages were born eventually to make communication sensible. But then, there came a need to record all his communication and here comes the invention of paper. Humans were using blocks of stone for recording his communication to the future generation "making history" in the form of lithography. Thus paper and the other medieval modes communication evolved. Hence a huge transition has occurred gradually over the years. Today, anything and everything is electronic, e-mail, chat, multimedia, e-records, e-tax filing, ECS, etc, games, movies and hence recording also goes electronic with the advancement of storing and mining data easily.

Today, there is an urge to convert all data into electronic data such that they are easily accessible and given a meaningful use to analyze and improve things related to the data. Hence, there is an increased demand to convert the audio to text to store data in one database. Hence, there are a lot of job opportunities created in this area of transcription "to scribe audio files." The audio to text transcription industry was a "flash in the pan" gaining momentary success.

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