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The ground-breaking audio and video transcription development.

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Did you ever thought for a second or had the time to ponder upon the idea of how noises are created or how our antecedents interacted with each other prior to the origin of languages? Likewise how communication has developed in this modern world with the invention of a number of voice recognition soft wares. In spite of technology developing in all fields, it was not able to outsmart human power in the field of audio and video transcription .i.e., voice to text and video to text transcription. This is because the voice recognition software invented so far is not 100 percent accurate. That is why still many clients prefer the manual voice to text and video to text transcription method.
Medium is the most essential criteria that is needs for sound transmission right from the Neanderthal age’s characteristic sound to the present generation’s multilingual communication. Air is the three letter talisman that makes all things transmissible, accessible and comprehensible. This medium was efficiently utilized by man in all types of communications and as a result languages were born. Likewise there rose a necessity to record all these communication and as a result the invention of paper came into existence. Stone blocks were utilized by human beings to record his communication to the upcoming generation ‘creating history’ in lithography form. Hence the evolution of paper and other medieval communication modes evolved. As a result over the years, a vast transition took place gradually. Nowadays each and everything has become electronic like multimedia, email, chat, Ecs, e-tax filing movies, games etc. Therefore with the easy advancement of storing and mining data, the recording also has become electronic.

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